FOTOShow Business Opportunity ~ Dealers, Resellers & Fulfillment Program

~ Start Your Own Business without needing high startup capital! ~

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our Business Opportunity Program is currently on hold! As much as we want to entertain all those who are inquiring but we had already reach our target qouta and also we currently in process of improving our system. Please watch out for updates. Or you may Contact Us (by following the link) for further inquiries. Thank you.

Who are qualified to join?

          FOTOShow Business Opportunity Program is designed to meet the needs of anyone interested in reselling personalized prints and services. Successful Dealers generally include print brokers, graphic designers, creative agencies, retail printers, quick printers, and business supplies retailers, internet caf� owners, photo printing lab and any success driven individual for example.

Program Highlights

- You can be you boss and work at the comfort of your home.
- We give our dealers 5% to 25% OFF on our regular price (or even higher for high volume orders), which means even more profit for you.
- From our discounted prices add your mark-up price as much as you want.
- We can ship your orders direct to your customers with your own business name or brand printed on its packaging. (Just pay the extra shipping and handling fee)
- Earn another additional income through our Monthly Quota orders.
- Focus on your sales/marketing and designs of your artworks while we will focus on your production and backend supports.
- You may also avail of our seasonal Dealers Discount Program.
- Priority shipping is available to Dealers, allowing your customers to receive products quickly.
- If you have an excisting business, add additional income to it without needing additional capital.

Income Opportunities:

          Our low pricing enables you to earn profits by offering quality personalized gifts and giveaways to your own clients without having high capital or buying your own equipment. As a Dealer, you can create your business name or brand name and sell your own products. Just focus your hard work and resources on getting your customers and we will do the production of your products.
- Price your own products � from our discounted price dealers have the freedom to set their own retail pricing for their clients. Your earnings will be based on the offline prices that you establish for your own clients, which you would generally set at fair market value.
- Earn additional income from our Monthly Quota Program � If you accumulate a gross monthly order of a P10,000.00 (minimum), you will get additional incentive of 10% from your actual gross order from us.
- You are also entitled of our Seasonal Dealers Discount Program as another additional income.

Ordering Mechanics:

1) As a dealer, you or your customers must do the artworks designs. We will only accept high resolution print-ready artwork designs from our dealers (this is your part) whether it�s in psd, tiff or jpg file. Design guides and maximum print area will be sent to you.
2) Send the softcopy of your design artworks through emails (or other methods in the internet) or drop it to our shop on a CD or USB. Hard copy print will not be accepted since resolution will deteriorate when scanned.
3) Pay your orders (Check Payment Mechanics).
4) Give us 1 to 3 days production time for your orders (depending on quantity and availability of your order).
5) Pickup your order or will ship it to your specified address (as per you request). Just pay the additional shipping charges [we ship through LBC or Air21].

Will my customer know that I am a Fotoshow dealer?

          No. The orders you create will be shipped in with boxes printed with your own branding and business and may contain your marketing materials. You are starting your own business, with your own product line � provided to you by Fotoshow Philippines.
          You are also assured that we will not pirate your own customers since your success is also our own success. By helping you succeed, we also help ourselves.

Payment Mechanics:

1) Before production of your order, we require at least 50% deposit. Full payment is required before shipment or pick-up of orders.
2) Payments methods are through bank deposit [BPI or BDO], money remittances or cash payment on our shop.
3) If you want faster transaction without going through deposits, you have the option of depositing a Security Bond of P5000.00. This is not a payment, it�s just a security bond and we can refund it anytime you no longer wish to participate on our dealers program. This can not be use to pay your orders. With this security bond, just order from us without going through the deposits. And you we will just pay us on a regular basis [every 15th or monthly] as per our final agreement. Security Bond may increase depending on your gross orders.

Dealers Price:

Dealers price will be sent after you qualified to participate on our program.

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