Personalized Car Mug, Customized Travel Mug

Personalized Car Mug
Product Details:
Minimum Order Required
Capacity: 600ml
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Material
Print: Permanent & long lasting print

Personalized Car Mug- a mug you can bring even when your driving.
Personalized our car mug with your dads favorite photo and give it to him on especial occasion. You'll be surprise on how he will love it.

For many people, a travel mug is more of a companion than their cellphone. These handy mugs come with insulated walls and normally hold hot coffee or other beverages to drink while driving down the road. However, this is not where the travel mug ends. Most avid coffee drinkers also use their travel mugs for coffee at all other times of the day or night as well. Therefor advertising on promotional car mugs is a nice way to get your messages seen everywhere.

Commonly Asked Questions
Does the print fades?
     We print photographic design using Dye Sublimation Transfer method. This gives a permanent & long lasting print with smooth print surface.
What if we don't have knowledge on graphics design, can you design for us?
     We can help on your graphic arts & designs. But we may charge a fee for the artwork (especially for complicated designs). For simple designs, we can provide that for free. For volume orders, we provide artworks free of charge.
Do you provide discount for volume orders?
     Yes, contact us for qoutation on volume orders.
I am from a province here in Mindanao, can you deliver orders to my address?
     We deliver orders anywhere in the Philippines, through LBC or AIR21. We even deliver to selected places abroad.

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