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Christening or Baptism as part of Life Celebration
Baptism or Christening is an important celebration for the baby (especially for Filipinos) to be initiated, purified and given a name. Thus, baptism is one of the most significant part of baby's life. Ceremony varies depending on religion and usually the practice and tradition are passed on the child on this religious event. After the ceremony, family and friends gather to celebrate. Part of the baptism is having godmothers and godfathers who usually give gifts to baby celebrant. To thank family and friends for their presence, Baptism Favors or Baptism Giveaways are given.

Baptism Favors & Giveaways Ideas provides variety of affordable personalized baptism favors or christening giveaways for parents and unique party gift ideas for Godparents and Friends. Customized baptism favors and unique baptism giveaways will surely be appreciated.
Don't limit yourself to what your friends or relatives had as their favors because there are a lot of choices available that are even unique. We can also design themes which for example can be things that are cute and represents the baby's innocence and fragility. Contact us and we will qoute you with our offers that surely will meet your expectations. We can even ship your orders to your address and all you have to do is hand over the lovely Baptism Favors to your friends and loved ones during the special day.
For Godparents and Friends, don't just buy a store bought gift. Make it special by personalizing it with thoughts, qoutes and even photos. Surely, your gifts will stand out no matter how the price is if take the extra time to customized it.

Gifts & Giveaways Suggestions & Ideas
Check out this popular gift or giveaway ideas for your kids Christening occasion or Baptismal favors. Browse our full personalized gifts ideas, all of it can be personalized as birthday gift or giveaway. If you have other ideas in mind, contact us and we will see what we can do for you.
Send Christening Gifts to The Philippines and Others Places Abroad
And for our OFWs and Kababayan abroads and other place far away from home, even if you can't attend your special someones celebrations, you can surprise them with our Personalized Gifts for any occasion. Shop and order online and we will send your gifts anywhere in the Philippines (through LBC or Air21) or even to other selected places (through Fedex or DHL). Imagine how surprise your recipient will be! Plus they will love your gifts since you made an extra effort to personalized it.

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