Personalized Inner Colored Mugs | Customized Two Toned Mug

inner colored mug
Product Details:
Minimum Order Required
Capacity: 11onz
Color: White outside & Colored Inside
Material: Grade A [High Quality Ceramic]
Print: Photographic Print [Permanent & Last Long]
Big Discounts and very affordable price on volume order

Enjoy your beverage in inner colored mugs! This photo mug has different colors on the inside.
If you want not just a mug but a colored mug, try our inner colored mug which are available on color Yellow, Green, Blue and Maroon. We have also other colors but they are per order basis. Call us and inquire for your desired color.

Mugs, especially those with colorful designs and logos, make good conversation pieces. “Where’d you get that?” is surely the first question that will come up, especially if the mug is printed with eye-catching patterns or witty quotations or one-liners. That's why this are also a great company advertising tool or promotional item.

Commonly Asked Questions
Is the Mug safe to use on Microwave?
     We use Quality Mug which are Microwave and Dishwasher safe. But just a safety note; Handle gets hot when use at Microwave, use pot holder to avoid hand burns.
Does the print fades?
     We print photographic design using Dye Sublimation Transfer method. This gives a permanent & long lasting print with smooth print surface.
What if we don't have knowledge on graphics design, can you design for us?
     We can help on your graphic arts & designs. But we may charge a fee for the artwork (especially for complicated designs). For simple designs, we can provide that for free. For volume orders, we provide artworks free of charge.
Do you provide discount for volume orders?
     Yes, contact us for qoutation on volume orders.
I am from a province here in Mindanao, can you deliver orders to my address?
     We deliver orders anywhere in the Philippines, through LBC or AIR21. We even deliver to selected places abroad.

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