Personalized Couples Mug, Customized Lovers Mugs

Special Personalized Couples Mug
Product Details:
Minimum Order Required
Color: White
Material: Coated Grade A [High Quality Ceramic]
Print: Photographic Print [Permanent & Last Long]

Try our Unique Photo Mug ~ Our Lover Glass Mug!
This is a a great gifts for your special someone like your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, fiancee or even for the bride and the groom. A pair of mugs which were design hugging each other. Customized it with your dedication or messages or even put your photos on it. It will also serve as great gift ideas for special occasions such as wedding occasions, birthdays, anniversary, valentines and/or as a holiday gifts on christmas day. Don't just give them a store bought gifts, but rather a gift with special touch on it. That is surely a gift that will not be forgotten.

Customized mugs are a cost-effective means of advertising one’s product, company, or service because they are always in use and last for a long time. Impress your customers by using Personalized Drinkables as Promotional Items. Your brand will surely be remembered all year round.

Commonly Asked Questions
Is the Clear Mug safe to use on Microwave Oven?
     We don't recommend using our Glass Mug on Microwaves. This is made of glass material not ceramic and it may crack at very high temperature. But it can be use on hot beverages.
Does the print fades?
     We print photographic design using Dye Sublimation Transfer method. This gives a permanent & long lasting print with smooth print surface.
What if we don't have knowledge on graphics design, can you design for us?
     We can help on your graphic arts & designs. But we may charge a fee for the artwork (especially for complicated designs). For simple designs, we can provide that for free. For volume orders, we provide artworks free of charge.
Do you provide discount for volume orders?
     Yes, contact us for qoutation on volume orders.
I am from a province here in Mindanao, can you deliver orders to my address?
     We deliver orders anywhere in the Philippines, through LBC or AIR21. We even deliver to selected places abroad.

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