We Customized T-shirts, Polo Shirts & Your Other Garment Needs

Customized shirts

We don't just print t-shirt, we can also manufacture them for you.
If you dont want regular blank t-shirts on the market, we can manufacture made to order t-shirts and polo shirts. We can supply materials or fabrics such as CVC Cotton, Spandex, Dri-Fit, S-Comb, CVC Cotton, Bostik, Honey comb etc. Also available on different fabric colors. This are guaranteed quality shirts and good for commercial use. We work out to the smallest details of your requirements such as design, colors, stiches to even etiketas. We even customized U.S. Size shirts for export markets. If your planning to start your own t-shirt store, call us and we will be very happy to serve you. We even deliver your orders through personal delivery or through commercial frieghts (especially for our clients abroad).

Price & Lead Time
Pricing & lead time to finish your order largely depends on fabric, design & volume of orders. We encourage you to contact us for qoutes and inquiries.

Not Just T-shirts & Polo Shirts
We also manufacture other garment needs such as;
       Tote Bags
       Wine Bags
       Laundry Bag
       & More...

T-shirt printing
To compliment your customized t-shirts, we also do quality printing such digital/heat press, silkscreen printing, embroidery. Contact us for your t-shirt printing needs.

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