Silkscreen Printing on T-shirt, Polo Shirt and other Products

Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen Printing
Screen printing is one of the earliest t-shirt printing method. It involves a fine mesh or screen that is tightly stretched around a rigid frame. The ink is then press pass through it to the t-shirt. It requires different screens for different designs of the artwork to be printed. That means that a design that requires three different colors would require also three different screens. Thats why costs increase with each additional colour. Likewise separate screens are required for each colour, and hence, screen charges may be uneconomical if only a small quantity of clothing is required.

This is great for:
      » Uniforms
      » Promotional Giveaways
      » Batch shirts
      » Company Uniforms
      » Team Building Shirts
      » Band T-shirts
      » T-shirts Souvenirs
      » Election Materials
      » & More...

Pro & Cons
Pro: » Affordable for volume orders. The higher your quantity, the lower the prices
       » Great for statement tees.
Con: » Not economical for small quantities.
        » Not the best printing method for photographic designs

Setup & Costing
There is a setup charge which covers the cost of having the design made into a screen or screens. This charge is a “one off” charge as the screens are then stored for future use. Therefore, if you wanted to place another order in the future with the same design there would be no setup charge.

Important Note: We require a minimum of 10pcs to proceed with your silkscreen print orders.

Price Qoutation
For an exact price quotation based on your design, please call or email us at or fill out our online enquiry form. Include the followings on yourt inquiry:
» T-shirt Color & Sizes
» T-shirt Quantity (minimum of 10pcs)
» Artwork/ Design (if you already have a design, please attach it on your email)

What Our Customers Say?
“We are very pleased with the quality products we received. The customer service was great. Whilst being overseas, they made all efforts to ensure that the layout was to my satisfaction. Thank You for your patient, helpfulness and great attention to detail. Our guests commented on the quality of the workmanship! I will definitely use them again. I have recommended you to all our family and friends here in Australia. Cheers to you!”     Simonette Fernandes ~ Sydney, Australia

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