Custom Design Shirts & T-shirt Printing

FOTOShow is a place where you can print a t-shirt from one to a thousand.
When ordering t-shirts & prints the main things to remember are (1) what t-shirts needed to be use on your order and (2) what printing method will needed print your artwork on t-shirt?
We understands that each customers has different needs. Some want a fashionable personal item, some want ordinary tees as giveaways. Others want cheap, disposable, promotional t-shirts where price is paramount; while others want high quality fashion items which best reflect their brand. Some want a CVC Cotton while others want spandex. Even others want to customized U.S. size t-shirt to be imported abroad. If you have specific inquiries, contact us through phone or email and we will be happy to answer any question that you may have.

Choosing the right Tees
Firstly, decide what you need the t-shirt to do? What image does it need to convey, does it need to last a long time, does it need to be light or heavyweight, does it need to come in multiple colour ways, does it need to be unisex or do you need specific styles? Does it need to be organic or ethically produced?

Printing the t-shirt
Secondly, you need the t shirts that you have chosen to be printed. Check out the different printing method below. Some printing method such as digital/ heat press has no minimum order. While silkscreen printing is good for higher quantities of order and computerized embroidery is good only for high volume orders.

Lead Time
It depends on the your order, printing process and quantity. Contact us for more details. We will be more than willing to answer your inquiries.

Not Just T-shirt printing
We don't just print or customized t-shirts, we also print or customized different products from polos, caps, hoods, apron, tote bag, laundry bag & more.

Company Promotional, Corporate Gifts or Giveaways

Company Promotional or Customize Corporate Giveaways

      Whether your looking to run a employee incentives scheme, a sales campaign or simply looking for gift ideas during Occasions, Fotoshow can supply a range of memorable, unique discounted corporate gifts to suit any occasion. We even provide big discounts for high volume orders.

heat press printing

Photo Tees - Digital/ Heat Press Printing

      Print photographic designs through digital/heat press method.

silkscreen printing

Silkscreen Printing

      We can print your shirts through silkscreen printing. Check the link for more details.

Quality Computerized Embroidery

Computerized Embroidery

      Check out our Embroidery printing. Good for high volume orders only.

Custom shirts

Customized Shirt

      We can customized your t-shirt, polo shirt and more. We even provide big discounts for high volume orders.

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