Complete Website Design Services for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

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Whether you are selling products and/or services to customers or you are wishing to increase your public recognition and reputation by bringing your work or business�(or your advocacy, in the case of non-profit organizations) to the attention of a wider audience, a website is essential in today's electronic world. Here are some of the reasons why you will need a business website.

Oppose to thinking that having a website cost much, actually it�s not. Website as a form of marketing/advertisement is a way lot cheaper than other traditional media. And can even reach wider range of market and longer time of the day [24/7]. Having a website is a great [short and long term] investment for any entrepreneur or businessman.

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What sets us apart from other website design providers?

1. More than just a web designer, but we are also business owner. What sets us apart is we know how to grow a business online (having our own personal online business) not just create an online website. Most website designers are very good in creating a website but are not knowledgeable on the necessary details needed for growing business online.

2. We provide complete packages for having a worry free online website. We do all the process for our clients from Domain name Registration, Web Hosting, Web Design and even Server Maintenance. Plus we even provide FREE Web Hosting and Domain Registration on our packages.

3. Building a website is not been our main priority. Rather we focus on helping our clients succeed on their business through online system integrating it to our clients current offline systems. This is because we have an experience on online marketing.

4. Aside from website design and coding capability, we are also capable and knowledgeable on graphics design giving us an edge for great looking and professional websites.

5. We also provide website maintenance and hosting with higher specs as high as 5G Disk space with 100G Bandwidth.

6. Best of all, you don't need to burnt your wallet to be able to have a business website. This is because our website packages are of at very affordable and competetive price. Dont be fooled by companies offering a website at a very high price. Because we can provide same or better service at a lower price.

     To ask, inquire or get a qoutation that suits you, just Contact Us through email or phone.

Other Necessary Web Solution Services

*Domain Name Registration: First and foremost we need to register a domain name for your website. Just like in having a business wherein you need to register to DTI for business name. It comes in two types; Global Domain Names [ending in com, .net, .biz, .org, .info] or Regional Domain Names [ending in as .ph,,,]. Global Domain registration cost is Php700.00 while Regional Domain Registration cost is Php 1,800.00. This is an annual charge, meaning you need to register the domain name again after a year to continue using it.

*Web Hosting: We need a professional, no non-sense web hosting to carry your web files online with 24/7 at 99.9% uptime. For offline business, this is like renting a space on the mall to place your products. We are currently in partnership with a reliable web host carrying or business website that's why we can get a high specs yet at affordable price. Price depends on different packages and specification. This is at annual charge, just like domain name registration.

*Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Link Building: Our Packages includeds this important online marketing technique. Including Website submission to Top Search Engines.

*Website Maintenance and Backend Support: We also provide this service to ensure that your website will running great and functioning perfectly. Plus we do necessary backend coding on server side to optimized the necessary features of your website for our Clients benefits.

     Contact Us for details and package pricing.

Sidenote on Having a Website

But again, having a website doesn�t guarantee an increase on sale. At the end of the day, it still depends on how good your product/service, how good you close your deals, sales/ marketing strategy and other factors. A website is just a sales, marketing, advertising and business tool- meaning you should not stop there. It is best if you complement it with other sales/marketing media. Having a website doesn�t stop in having a website. To get ahead of your competitor, you must know and find time to advertise your own website.

Top Reasons Why All Businesses & Entrepreneurs Need a Website

A large proportion of small businesses still do not have their own website. The two main reasons for business owners not being "on the internet" are their that believe it to be costly, and secondly that they won't have the necessary skills to create or maintain a website. But contrary to traditional belief having a website is a cheaper sales and marketing technique compared to T.V. ads, prints ads and other traditional advertising methods. There are other compelling reasons to get a website for your business and ten of the top reasons are below.

1) Inexpensive way to promote yourself continuously. As a form of advertising and marketing, a website is cost-effective and great value. Compare the cost with other forms of advertising, such as printed media, Yellow Pages, or radio and television. A website does not limit the volume of content you can present. Other promotional media like print, radio and television, charge you by the word or second. A website allows you to fully explain and display who you are and what you do and in fact just about anything that will benefit your purpose. And best of all, your website can promote your business day and night � 24/7.

2) You can accurately track the people who are using your website. You can see how many people are visiting the site, how long they spend on each page and which pages are most popular. How much do you know about the readers of the last set of leaflets or printed marketing you did?

3) Internet marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing methods � making flyers, newspaper advertisements and especially television spots are all very expensive. Marketing on the internet can not only be done on a budget but is also very effective.

4) Having a website gives your business more credibility � and can make you appear bigger or more professional than the team or offices you have. For a lot of people may actually be put-off if they cannot find a website for your business.

5) Consistent growth or internet users looking for products and services online. Internet is steadily grabbing attentions of customers from traditional advertising media�s that is why it�s the best place to invest and advertise your products/services. Customers can browse businesses at any time of day and night in the comfort of their own home. They don't have to run all over town and there are no pushy salesmen, no parking hassles and they don't have to worry about the kids.

6) A website address is easier to remember than a telephone number or postal address.More customers now a days are looking for a website more than a contact number or an address. This is specially through since more informations are posted on a website.

7) Reach wider customer market. With the use of internet marketing, you are not only limited to your local market. You can even reach customers anywhere in the Philippines and even Global Markets. You can even specifically target your intended market such as OFWs abroad.

8) You can let the website help handle your customer services. You may get the same questions being asked of you time and time again - so why not have an area on your website to deal with these type of questions and provide better customer service, reduce costs and potentially have more time to invest in other areas of the business.

9) Increase Customer Interaction. Visitors can contact you via e-mail directly from your site. You can also have online forms that allow visitors to request more information, provide feedback or place an order. Customers will perceive you as more professional, dynamic, modern and better able to meet their needs. Can you imagine organizations like Philippine Airlines, Union Bank, or the Kapuso Foundation not having a website? How will potential customers perceive you if your competitors have websites and you don't.

10) Dynamic and Easy Maintenance. It is cheap and easy to change company information and marketing material on your website � unlike printed leaflets or brochures, a website can be easily amended to reflect cheaper prices, more product ranges etc. Brochures and leaflets would need to be re-printed but a website doesn't have those constraints.

Don�t be left out by your competitors. Be ahead of them and shouldn't be asking: "Why DON'T I have a website�?